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Normandy 2021!




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LTF is gratefully acknowledges the support and hospitality of the community of Valkenswaard Viert on this commemorative tour.




LTF is gratefully acknowledges the support and hospitality of the community of Uiterwaarde on this commemorative tour.





*** News Flash 29/07/2019 ***

XXX Corps is back!

After some two years in the planning and countless visits to the Netherlands, the British XXX Corps will be making a spectacular comeback to commemorate the 75th anniversary of liberation in the Netherlands

This military remembrance convoy has been painstakingly put together by Liberation Task Force with the finest vehicles currently available both from collectors in Europe and the RCKL collection to mark this historic military land mark.

This unprecedented event will be graced with participants from Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Over 450 participants in authentic uniforms to man the vehicles in the convoy that will consist of tanks, tank transporters, armoured cars, armoured tracked vehicles, numerous logistic vehicles, gun tractors, officers’ transport and captured Axis vehicles.  Up to 240 vehicles will drive the historic Club route with numerous wreath laying ceremonies on the way north to commemorate this feat of arms.

Three spectacular camps will be open to the public in significant historic locations at no charge to members of the public. The first will be the unique occupation of the Town of Valkenswaard on Monday 16th September; this is something that is a must to see!  This will be the literal liberation of the town as the tanks and armoured vehicles roll in.  The vehicles and personnel will stay overnight in the streets of the town and will occupy the market square (as in 1944) and other locations within the town.
\\DLINK-0594FC\Volume_1\2019 OPS\PHOTOS\PARTICIPANTS PHOTOS 3\POWLES Universal Carrier (2).JPG
As the convoys progress up the route, they will be met at Eindhoven, Son en Breugle, Grave and Groesbeek by Airborne re enactors that have already established their own programme. This is a combined effort by all parties to present a better cohesive historical picutre of what happened in 1944. This will be undertaken with the actual vehicles and the correct type of uniforms to enhance the authenticity.

The logistics of this operation are enormous and the support of the Dutch commercial community is very much appreciated. The whole event is being financed by the private individuals and some are travelling from the other side of the world just to be part of this significant undertaking.

More news will follow in due course.






Issue 11.

ON Friday 5th April a number of you will have seen posted on the face book page for 101st Airborne NL indicating that they will be participating with XXX Corps.
For your information;  (and to be absolutely correct so there is no misunderstanding), the Airborne re enactors will be greeting and meeting us in the appropriate historically correct places i.e.; the bridges as in 1944. No prior knowledge of yesterday’s release was given to us although we had agreed to cooperate.
So, there is NO provision for any of the airborne vehicles to infiltrate the convoys of XXX Corps. This is very important, so do not jump to any unfounded conclusion!  XXX Corps remains an all British convoy, and this will not change. So for those that are in a state of “panic”, please do not be concerned, we remain committed to authenticity.
A great deal of trouble and careful planning has been undertaken to ensure that what we represent is as accurate as is possible given the constraints of budgetary limits and what is permissible given the number of towns that we have to travel through.
Before going any further, you all need to know that in order for us to get thus far, it has not been plain sailing. Numerous obstacles have had to be overcome and the lengthy procedure for applying for the various permissions from every community on the route has been undertaken mainly by the officer who is in charge of the Dutch army vehicles collection (RCKL).  What he has undertaken has been beyond the call of duty and we are indebted to him for his perseverance and his unending support.
The operation has demanded very careful planning for logistics and please be mindful of this before taking to the social media and passing comments about this and that.  Please remember whatever you put on the net will be there for all to see.
The other thing I would like to comment on is the cost of this event.  I know that for some it has been a struggle with the costs and additionally preparing your vehicles etc. I would just like to say that your participation is very much appreciated and I would (with respect) remind you that for some of us, this is not just a question of turning up at the docks and “off we go”. Some are still working night and day to ensure that this event goes ahead. Having the airborne element involved was not a decision that was taken lightly.
I have to tell you that our main concern was historical accuracy and that included infiltration of the convoys by US vehicles (other than those used by XXX Corps).    For the planners this was a major concern. From the outset when the airborne question arose the very first “no” was the movement of any airborne vehicles in the historical convoys.
I sincerely hope that the above will go some way to allay any fears you may have had about the authenticity of the British XXX Corps being demeaned.  This was never even under consideration and neither would it be.  Our “job in hand” is to honour the memory of those that gave their lives for our freedom and we will ensure that we do this in a respectful and disciplined manner.



Issue 10.

'Garden '75' Officially Launched!

Those of you registered for 'Garden '75 will have received the official launch email!

Planning is now in its closing stages. Transport, fuel, locations etc have all been finalised.

You will appreciate when you realise the enormity of the operation that involves OVER 300 Military vehicles including 20+ tanks, 10+ Halftracks, Bren Carriers, Armoured Cars, 40+ Trucks and many many more individual and rare vehicles, that planning something like this has been an amazing feat.

Please read the email carefully, more instructions will follow where appropriate!

An FAW page has been set up to answer the most common questions being asked here:

Frequently asked questions

Any questions regarding this event should be directed to the dedicated email address :



Issue 9.



As time is flying by and planning is still ongoing, we are aware that you have all been deafened by the sound of silence.

An operation of this size which includes a number of countries and hundreds of participants needs attention to detail and patience.

Where we are at the moment, is that we now have our ferry schedules arranged, we have all of the transport from the docks in NL organized and also for the return journeys back to the docks.

We are now in the process of arranging the transport for the Czech participants and we are also starting to look at the question of infantry.

We have however had a slight set back and it is due to reduced budgets within the Royal Netherlands Army. We have therefore needed to procure our transport and fuel from civilian sources that have entered into the spirit of the forthcoming occasion and have given us very favorable rates. We are pleased to be able confirm that The Royal Netherlands Army historic collection vehicles (RCKL) will be participating on our event.

As the 74th anniversary in the Netherlands approaches, we are getting to the point where final permissions are being obtained and we would hope to be able to finally send out the entry forms together with terms & conditions for the remembrance tour very shortly.

This has been a time consuming and onerous task that is thankfully coming to a favorable conclusion.

As some entries are still coming in, we are at approximately 250 vehicles at the moment, therefore we cannot take any further entries via the ports of Hull or Newcastle and for us the booking via those ports is now closed.

The ports of Dover and Harwich are still available, but we are not looking for any further jeeps. In this respect we have a waiting list with jeeps (should space become available).

Entry to this tour is strictly limited to those who have registered through LTF and any infiltration of the convoys will result in removal.

We apologize for the delay in keeping you all informed, but we think that the wait will be worthwhile.

For those that have ongoing restorations in progress we wish you well with your endeavor.

Kind regards

Garden 75 Team



Issue 8.

Planning is coming to fruition!

Lots of discussions over ferries, transport, fuel, weapons, visits and lots more.

We hope to make a major announcement very soon!

Watch this space!




Issue 7.

Planning is ongoing and just because there has not been an update since last year does not mean we have been hibernating.….. All of the ferry companies have now replied and we are now looking at logistical support. The ferry timings are in hand and we will be sending out circulars in due course.
We know that there is a lot of activity in many garages and workshops as restoration goes on and in some cases total rebuilds.
We have 213 vehicles registered at the moment with a waiting list for Jeeps. We are well over 500 heads and the enthusiasm of you all is inspirational.
We are still accepting unusual vehicles and of course the rare ones. All vehicles need to have been of the type used by the British army and should be in appropriate markings for XXX Corps.
The reception from the towns that have been visited thus far is very positive and we are grateful for their encouragement.
Hopefully during the course of May we will be in a position to finally put a cost on it all and send out the formal entry forms together with details of dates and timings.
The routings have been completed and we now know where we will be on what day and at what time.
Meanwhile planning for Normandy is also ongoing so if you are going to that as well, then make sure you book your accommodation as already one camp site is booked up and is full.
If you are part of IMPS and MVT, then you are in safe hands as they both have their camps already organized.

More to follow in due course. 


Issue 6.

We now have 150 vehicles registered for the tour!

Yes 150!!!

More news will follow!


Issue 5.

Photographs of some of the vehicles already registered can be viewed in a gallery here.

If you would like your vehicle or group displayed please send them in!

If you have not registered your interest, or if you have already but want to confirm please use the 'Registration' button on the left hand menu. Your details will be added to the mailing list. This will undoubtedly become an historic event!

Issue 4.

Registrations are now being taken for the 2019 XXX Corps Holland event!

If you have not registered your interest, or if you have already but want to confirm please use the 'Registration' button on the left hand menu. Your details will be added to the mailing list. This will undoubtedly become an historic event!


Issue 3.

Photographs from this years 'WW2 Allies in Europe - 2AIE can now be found by navigating to the 'Galleries' page using the link on the left hand menu.


Issue 2.

Photographs from this years beach display can now be found by navigating to the 'Galleries' page using the link on the left hand menu.

Issue 1. - Updated 03/11/2017

‘Garden 75’

We are sure that you will agree this is more in keeping with the original name for the ground element of Operation Market Garden in 1944.
In reviewing the route plans from 2014, we have looked at the towns to be covered on the route and have a made a decision that there will be only two convoys and that as the two convoys arrive at Zeeland, then we propose to operate as one unit.
At the moment, we are locating camp sites for the overnight stops and ongoing talks with the various towns are taking place.
It is proposed that UK participants will have the option of four ports namely;
1          Dover > Dunkirk,
2          Harwich > Hook,
3          Hull> Rotterdam,  
4          Newcastle > Amsterdam.
The choice of ports will be dependent on whether we can obtain transport for all of the vehicles; this is something that is being sought at the moment. In terms of costs for the tour, the costing for the event and shipping prices will depend on the outcome of ongoing discussions which will be taking place in the new year.

Whilst we are looking forward towards talking further with the authorities in the Netherlands, we are aware however, that there still is an issue with weapons. In view of the current “brexit” situation, this may further dictate what is allowed and what is not. As the UK is due to exit before 6th June 2019, the “brexit” situation may have an effect on us and indeed Normandy which is currently under planning. No weapons that are deactivated prior to 8th April 2016 will be eligible to participate.  All deactivation certificates must be dated after April 2016 to conform to current European legislation. Main armaments on tanks/artillery etc are not affected.

Post ‘Project 70’ there was a lot of discussion due to the fiasco with the weapons permit. The result of this is that various officers concerned (not the army) were moved on to “other duties”. In this respect we are now able to approach the powers that be to have a sensible discussion to ensure that we both confirm and are seen to be supported by the relevant authorities.
SO, If you know of any other British manufactured or American vehicles in British markings that were used by XXX Corps then please let them know what we are putting together, as time is ticking on and more people and vehicles are added to the list you need to be mindful that there will be a limit on those attending, so it will be first come first served. A waiting list will be operated and it should be noted that the organizers reserve the right of admission to this event.

We are also looking for infantry so pass the word.
If you would like to register you can contact us at or via the online form on this website, just click on the register button.

So that’s it for the moment, we have over 105 vehicles registered as
being interested and some 7 re-enactment groups.

Please pass the message on.