Project List

2021 - OPERATION PERCH : Normandy. Planning in progress for major tour to Normandy; XXX Corps/ 21st Army Group, routing, parades and battlefield visits. Road movements, authorizations and all relevant permits.

2021 - Planning and authorizations in progress for battlefield recreation and tour for US airborne reenactment. WW2 Allies in Europe (2AIE) Basse Normandie.

2019 - The NETHERLANDS 75th Anniversary, planning in progress for XXX Corps tour and commemoration of Operation Market Garden .

2019 NORMANDY 75th Anniversary, planning in progress for routing and parades for Arromanches, Bayeux and Tilly-sur-Seulles book fair etc. Road movements and authorizations.

2019: Planning and authorizations in progress for WW2 Allies in Europe (2AIE)  battle re enactment scenario Basse Normandie.

2017- OPERATION COBRA, planning in progress and authorization for WW2 Allies in Europe tour of the Bocage area of Normandy.

2016 - OPERATION PERCH Normandy. Planning and running of tour in Normandy for XXX Corps. Arromanches parade and Bayeux, Tilly-sur-Seulles book fair.

2015 - OPERATION NESTEGG, the liberation of the Channel Islands the only part of the British Isles to be occupied by the German forces during WWII. Commemoration for the 70th anniversary of liberation - Guernsey.

2014- PROJECT 70 The NETHERLANDS - 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden . The largest British reenactment ever undertaken LTF working with The Royal Netherlands Army to commemorate both the 70th an niversary and the 200th anniversary of the foundation of The Royal Netherlands Army.

2014 BACK TO THE SOMME – THE PURSUIT , planning, authorizations for WW2 Allies in Europe.

2014 Normandy 70th Anniversary - Arromanches & Bayeux parades.  Movement planning and coordination of movements of over 1,150 vehicles for  MVT, IMPS, KTR and an number of smaller groups.

2013 Planning for 70th anniversaries; Normandy, The Somme and The Netherlands.